FRC 2015

HEEEEYYY EVERYONEE!!!! Competition was great!

Looking back at build season, I can say that our team tried our best in strategizing, planning, communicating, and building the robot we can be proud of.

Just like every other FRC competition, we got our robot inspected, built our pit area, and participated in practice matches. Also, our female members had the opportunity to attend the FIRST Ladies Tea Party hosted by the ladies of team 3132 Thunder Down Under. It was a great way to socialize with the other female members from other teams and become friends with them! A lot of scouting was done by every team; all of us were striving to meet other teams and obtain information while giving our own info as well.

Friday started with opening ceremony featuring the view of robots from long ago to the modern age. The Stan Sheriff Center was filled with shouting and screams from every part, leaving some voices coarse but willing to continue cheering for each alliance. Modifications were made to our robot in hopes that it will perform more efficiently; however, it took time for it to stabilize. Of course, you can never forget about the pizza social! There, we took pictures at the photo booth, with our own members and with others from different teams. The gym was filled with dance, song, and games. Yes, we had a Congo line, exaggerated acting, random cheering, and every dance-type song you could think of. Our own members (and maybe other teams) even had a selfie challenge (the group that takes the most selfies). The highlight for this day was gaining relationships (in both ways) and having a game bird.

The last day of competition started off with dancing to some tunes from Just Dance via Xbox. On this day, many teams faced numerous obstacles and stress, moreover, we were able to overcome that and enjoy the rest of the day. The most intense match occurred between alliances and from that, the audience were all hyped up for what would happen next. Awards Ceremony followed, and congratulations for all the awarded teams!

Thank you to all our mentors, families, friends, school, sponsors, and all organizations that made FIRST and FRC possible. Without all of your support, we wouldn’t have enjoyed this experience. Damien Mechamonarchs would like to compete with the many other teams out there for the next season!

IMG_2592 IMG_2594


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