Happy New Year 2016!

So far into the 2015-16 school year, we have amassed many new freshman and middle school students! We were able to create Damien’s first ever FIRST Lego League team! Although they were unable to qualify for the championship, they tried their hardest despite having no predecessors. Our FRC team has grown in both membership and as a team. When the school year began, we had many opportunities for bonding and getting to know our captains, new members, and department duties. As a team, we have been working on mock robot designs and communicating within the team as a whole. During this, we will have every member prepared for build season and what problems we may face as a team. We also had our annual fundraiser, the season for giving.

Soon, it will be time for Kickoff on January 9. We are looking forward to build season as well, and from the given game hint, we are assuming that it might be similar to Capture the Flag or anything territorial-like. Our team is looking forward to meeting together and putting ideas on the table. Good Luck teams!


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