Mid-Season Update

Hey FIRSTers! Congrats on making it to week 3 of build season! We hope that you are all doing well!

Week 1: After kickoff, we started brainstorming ideas for our robot. Finding the type and role of our soon to be medieval machine, being our top priority. We pondered over all the various types. Perhaps we’d construct an offensive bot, specialized in highly accurate rock throwing and equipped with a winch to scale our enemy’s tower. Or maybe a defensive player, utilizing a giant shield. Now although we won’t divulge our secret to success, we have built the various obstacles for the challenge this year.

Week 2: We finished a prototype bot relatively early and were able to showcase it at Damien’s open house. Because of the eagerness of many members, old and new, to pilot the robot, this year we held driver tryouts. These tests consisted of timed challenges tasking drivers with scaling obstacles as quickly as possible and testing members’ capability to control the robot.

Week 3: It’s been a hectic week, but it’s finally done! We’ve finalized the design of our robot! We’re enthralled over getting through the first hurdle of our FRC journey this season. Now, we are working on finishing the remaining obstacles. This past Monday we visited another Hawaii team, Sacred Hearts Academy Team 2437 to drop off an extra rockwall we had built. Meanwhile, we started fundraising with “Sweet and Salty Pretzel Rods.” At first, we bought 3 boxes of 30 pretzels to test out the waters. It’s been successful so far and we hope to continue on this profitable and trenchant incline.

During the next few weeks, we will be occupied on finishing the final robot, programming, and vlogging about our progress (which can be found on our YouTube account: Damien MechaMonarchs 🙂 ) We’ll update you guys next week!


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