Our team’s training aims at producing strong leadership in third and fourth year students.  Basic training is carried out in the first year, with the second year providing specialization in a student’s chosen field.

Within the first year, a student learns

  • How to manage basic finances
  • Basic leadership skills
  • Timeline and project management
  • Rapid prototyping and client-oriented design

In the second year, students specialize into one of four fields: Mechanical, Electrical, or Public Relations All four fields learn how to manage and teach, along with specialized skills.

  • Students in Mechanics learn:
    • Project Design
    • Component Machining
    • Structural Analysis
    • Rapid Problem Solving
  • Students in Electronics learn:
    • Circuit Design
    • Proper Wire Sizing and Safety
    • Basic Soldering
    • Project Limitations
    • Basic programming
    • LabView
  • Students in Public Relations learn:
    • Field Analysis and Game Strategies
    • Basic Webmastering skills
    • Finances and Fundraising
    • Basic Graphic Design

Education and training is not limited to a student’s chosen field, e.g. a student in Electrical will frequently help mechanics with building the robot, or a student in Public Relations may learn LabView and HTML/CSS.